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Posted on: May 20th, 2014
by David Ganje


-South Dakota vs New York ‘Wind Farm Tax’/ Comparison

-The Wind is Transient, Taxes Are Nearly So. A Look At The World of Wind Taxes

-Brownsfield-An Underused Part of North Dakota’s Environmental Law

-Water Systems Security

-AAPL Southwest Land Institute – Oil & Gas Law Presentation

-Foster Care for Unlocatable Mineral Interest Owners

-The Utility and Controversy of Disposal Wells

-Surface Water Drainage Issues – A Legal Perspective

-Waste Water Injection Well

-Article and Presentation of David Ganje on Natural Resources Law

-Surface Water Rights and Surface Water Drainage, A Modern Problem

-David Ganje to Speak at Annual Meeting of American Association of Professional Landmen

-A Second Look at Royalty Interests

-Underground Trespass in the Bakken Oil Patch

-Western States Water Council – Letter Regarding Water Rights

-A New Way to Convey Mineral Rights

-Recent New York State Water Regulations

-Dealing with Environmentally Challenged Property

-Hydrofracking and New York Oil and Gas Law

-Army Corps of Engineers Wrong on Missouri River Water Plan

-Drafting a Choice of Law Provision in a Contract


-How to Negotiate an Oil Lease

-How to Recover Lost or Orphaned Mineral Rights – Pre 2013

-Starting a Private New Irrigation Project

-The Taxman Never Sleeps

-Commercial Lease Checklist

-Limited Liability Operating Agreement Creation Guide

-Natural Resources and Environmental Issues in Modern Real Estate Deals

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