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Commercial Transactions & Litigation, Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law, & Energy Law

Handling SD, ND & NY Legal & Commercial Natural Resource Matters

Dependable Planning & Execution of Natural Resource Projects

Ganje Law Offices handles legal and commercial matters relating to natural resources. David L. Ganje represents and advises service providers and individual rights owners in the areas of oil and gas law, mining law, energy law, minerals law, water rights, and water law.

Services offered include:

  • Preparation of confidential natural resource opinions: Analysis of property rights requires independant research and a review of public records and relevant regulations as well as work with landmen and title companies to determine existing ownership interests in water rights, surface rights, mineral rights and oil and gas leasehold rights. An opinion provides detailed information on existing ownership distribution and encumbrances or claims that could affect the acquisition, financing or development of a client’s rights and property.
  • Negotiation of agreements: Covers exploration, joint operations, licensing agreements, royalty agreements, production sharing, rights-of-way (including pipelines, roads, drill sites and other oil-and-gas-related situations requiring access or easements) and other contracts
  • Due diligence of purchases and sales both large and small covering title verification, file examination and records examination
  • Mergers and acquisitions guidance
  • Mediation, arbitration and litigation of issues involving natural resources

Offering Services to Companies, Service Firms, & Independent Operators

Ganje Law Offices handles matters that involve the planning and execution of natural resource projects. In the oil and gas sector, Ganje provides transaction, litigation and regulatory advice and services to companies, service firms, large and small independent operators, and the owners of land or mineral rights.

Ganje also works with mineral rights owners and prospective owners in the areas of:

  • Interests
  • Appraisals
  • Negotiations
  • Ownership determination
  • Rights and/or obligations management

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David L. Ganje is a member of the American Bar Association Committee on Energy and the Environment, the New York Bar Association Environmental Law Section and the South Dakota Bar Association National Resources and Environment Committee. He is also a past member of the Brown County, South Dakota Emergency Preparedness Committee and a former commissioner of the Environmental Conservation Commission in Saratoga County, New York.

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